How to Pay 

Island EMS ambulance bills can be paid in various ways. You can make your payment online, by mail, call to make payment over the phone with a credit card or visit us at our Administration Office. Payments can also be made at most financial institutions, with the exception of some Credit Unions.  PLEASE NOTE:  Recently there has been an issue wiring payments directly to our accounts but they can still send back drafts or money orders on your behalf. 



By mail at the following address (cheque):

Island EMS

229 Sherwood Road
Charlottetown, PE

C1E 0E5


Administration Office location (cheque, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and debit):

Island EMS

229 Sherwood Road
Charlottetown, PE


(Visa, MasterCard and American Express):

(902) 892-9995 (local)
1-888-420-1122 (toll-free) 

At your financial institution (with the exception of some credit unions; please check with your institution)

You will need to have a copy of your bill when making the payment at your financial institution so they can stamp the top portion and detach the bottom portion to forward along to the processing department.

We recommend payment by credit card for any out-of-Canada residence

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